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History of the Chamber

Although no actual records are in existence, the earliest proof of the organization of the Chamber of Commerce in Seminole dates back to the early 1920's. Floyd Stark, one of the so-called "Fathers of Seminole" recalled in "History of Gaines County, 1905-1955" that he served as secretary. During those early years, members of the Chamber would take farm produce grown in Gaines County to the Lubbock Fair to help promote Gaines County.

As early as 1922, Chamber of Commerce members attended a meeting for a Clean Up Seminole Day, and in 1923 Chamber members unanimously voted to try to secure Seminole as the location for the West Texas Technological College (later to become Texas Tech University). Lubbock, however, due to its ideal location in the heart of the Plains, was chosen for the school site.

One interesting Chamber of Commerce meeting took place in December 1924. The announcement of the meeting included a special invitation to farmers in the area and "all others who are interested in the fight against jack rabbits."

Over the early years the Chamber of Commerce disbanded for short periods, but never for any extended length of time. Seminole citizens would quickly reorganize to pool their efforts in making improvements to the community. The name of the chamber was officially changed in 1962 to Seminole Area Chamber of Commerce.

The chamber had various managers over the years, then hired a secretary in 1962, Imogene Jones. That position was changed to executive vice president in the 1990's, and six have served in that position. In 1997 Shelby Concotelli, was appointed and the title of the position was again changed in 2004 to President/CEO.
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