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Pow Wow Ambassadors

The Seminole Pow Wow program is the welcoming arm of the Chamber of Commerce. They serve as the official Chamber representatives, always ready, willing and able to participate in every possible function.

Our ambassadors attend regular ambassador committee meetings, ribbon cuttings, ground breakings and a variety of other functions. One of their primary goals is goodwill, and they welcome new businesses to the community. They also participate in all community and chamber activities, helping with the annual banquet and the Gaines County Ag & Oil Celebration.

Would you be interested in becoming an ambassador? It's a high profile activity that provides you with networking opportunities as you work with other ambassadors and businesses. A representative from your business serving as an ambassador could even result in new business for your company! Opportunities for exchange of services can be established at a ribbon cutting for a new business or any of our other functions.


The following individuals currently serve as Ambassadors.

Candy Boyer
Dean Boyer
Shelby Concotelli
Trish Rose
Cindy Elliott
Cheryl Gandy
Kristi Duncan
Kristal Foster
Dennis Haralson
Juanita Rodriguez  
Dixie Lentz
Michael Lord
Tommy Phillips
Jana Fleming
Cade Thomas
Denise Curry
Sharon Taylor
Sammy Zamora
Lance Celander
Pete Williams


Don't miss out on this great opportunity -- If you or one of your employees would like more information about becoming a Seminole Pow Wow Ambassador, call the Chamber at (432) 758-2352 and we would be happy to discuss this opportunity with you! 
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